Boxes Free Story

My power word (power line cord or cord of ethics [Sharing the nature/  you preparing a gift to next generation] A vision of world  in which people enjoy happy and healthy within their fair share of earth’s resources. Learning space for wildlife and wildernessEverything I do stay within this (let’s  say I work in a company,  any company have their code of ethics. If you have your code of ethics best is companies code of ethics is within your code of ethics)

To shape this I have 3 more lines to follow

  1.  Every human being has a value.

  2. My statement is drawing back yourself. Therefore, please do not talk about yourself always.

  3. Try to change someone, not a family member.

The  is a commercially oriented organization with financial interest  to save the environment.

Boxes available in our warehouses are free for general public.

8 to 6 invest time.

Social model  helping people without any  financial interest